Why Good PowerPoint Is Important to Your ASX Company

By July 31, 2017ASX

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When I look at the websites of ASX companies, I always wonder why so many have spent so much money on creating great looking websites, but have seriously neglected their downloadable PDFs and Presentations. ASX/NSX reporting documents (Shareholder Presentations, Quarterly reports, etc.) are available for download, as per regulations, but the poor design of these documents makes the company look messy and unprofessional.


It’s been a long time since marketing has been simply giving people facts about your product. In many cases, customers don’t just purchase a product or service – they buy in to a brand. Much of the $16 Billion spend on marketing in 2017 in Australia (figure from Magna Australia), is spent on creating a brand perception in the minds of customers, or potential customers.


So why is marketing your product to consumers any different marketing to shareholders and potential shareholders?


For people investing in your business – or for potential investors, there are several things you might want to say about your company. The quality of the appearance of the document affects what an audience thinks about the content. Things can be said subconsciously through good design of your documents – below are 2 examples.


  1. High quality company – all our company’s output is high quality. Nothing in our business is ‘just thrown together’, but you can have confidence that everything is done to the highest professional standard. The look of the document
  2. We have professionals working for us, the best people doing the jobs that they are best at. We don’t have the CEOs or EAs/PAs doing graphic design in PowerPoint, but instead they spend time working for the company in the capacity that they are experts in.


We all know that a good Annual Report can affect your share price, but it’s not just the general look of the document and the document’s content that is important. A well-designed document can strengthen the message of good news. It can lessen the impact of bad news. You can design your visual communication to make your audience focus on the message that you want them too.


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We recently blogged about‘5 Ways To Make The Most Important Info In Your Presentation Stand Out’.





Don’t sell your ASX company short to your investors or potential investors. Your ASX reporting documents are important to the perception of your business, so give them the same level of design that you put into your website, or into your other external marketing.


For some surprising ways to use PowerPoint to help your business, such as print documents and videos, here’s a recent blog by Synapsis Creative that might interest you  –‘5 Surprising Ways to Use PowerPoint in Your Business’

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To download a free PowerPoint template designed by Synapsis Creative, click the below link


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