5 Surprising Ways to Use PowerPoint in Your Business

The software program PowerPoint is synonymous with on-screen presentations, and it’s not surprising as this is an area where it excels. What is surprising is how often PowerPoint is used for other purposes. In this article we’ll review 5 ways to use PowerPoint (other than for on-screen presentations) and how these can work for your business.


1.Informational / infographic videos

PowerPoint is a powerful visual program for creating infographics. The ability to import vector iconographic images, change colours, fonts and shapes at the touch of a button makes this a great tool to show information visually. What is less common is the animation of these infographics using PowerPoint’s slide transitions and object animation functions. Creating a well-designed animated infographic in PowerPoint is a powerful way to get a message across to an audience. With the ability to export PowerPoint files as videos, your infographics can now become promotional tools or internal explainer videos.


Here’s some examples of infographic videos, created entirely in PowerPoint








2. Product explainer videos

Need a video on how to use a software product? You can create one in PowerPoint. The in-built animations make the construction of this type of explainer quick and easy to produce, while still being fully editable. Creating in these in PowerPoint also has the advantage of being able to change branding (fonts, text, shapes, colours, etc) very quickly and efficiently.


Here’s some example of some product explainer videos, created entirely in PowerPoint







3. Testing webpage designs interactively.

One way to test a web page or user-interface, is to create it as a PowerPoint file. Using links to various slides, and custom animations, you can give your client (or in-house team) the complete interactive experience of your UI program, before you do any of the time-consuming coding. Since PowerPoint is now available on tablets and mobile phones, you can create interactive UI examples to test on multiple platforms.


Here is a video on how you can use PowerPoint as an interactive tool. This video was made entirely in PowerPoint.




4.PDFs for your website (e.g. quarterly reports).

Most PDFs created from PowerPoints that are available on websites look like they are the just the on-screen presentations saved as PDFs. There is an alternative though – you can set up PowerPoint slides that look like magazine pages – PowerPoints that are designed from their initial stages to be exported as PDFs. By using general graphic design layout techniques, you can create beautifully designed PDFs, and nobody will suspect that they were ever created in PowerPoint.



5. Everyday print design.

As well as exporting PowerPoints for online PDFs, you can also create print documents in PowerPoint. One issue with creating print documents in PowerPoint is the colour make-up. PowerPoint, like many other programs that design primarily for on-screen, use the RGB spectrum. Although this is less important for in-house printing, commercial printers generally use CMYK ink, which is a different colour make-up. With the Adobe plug-in, it is possible to export and print as a high-resolution PDF in CMYK format.


Here is a video on advantages in using PowerPoint as a printing tool. This video was made entirely in PowerPoint.





There are many other ways that PowerPoint is used, other than the above.

One other way PowerPoint is used is for temporary office signage. Click the below link to download the free office signage templates, created in PowerPoint.






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